Our Mission

To facilitate researchers in the field of scientific research and AI to help them establish and grow Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry while following international trends along with seeking solutions to the indigenous problems of Pakistan through AI to reinvest our knowledge-based economies.

Our Vision

To become a leading hub of innovation and scientific research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and play a defining role in Pakistan’s economy.

Zones Across Pakistan

Scope of NCAI

NCAI is a significant driver of economic growth as it is spurring innovation, invention, and progress.

Message from CPD

Artificial Intelligence is widely regarded as the electricity of tomorrow. It is set to disrupt the global players, how we live, work, commute, and how we maintain our relationships. Growth in jobs in sectors, particularly in the services sectors, financial, transportation, communications, logistics, leisure, and entertainment will be regularized because of the overall growth of economies as well as economic opportunities derived from the technological uproar in the field of AI.

To overcome various challenges and open up new vistas of development in AI, human resource management and capacity building needs to be prioritized. Fostering talent and nurturing the expertise of people in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics need to be done at a larger scale at all levels across the country.

Keeping this in view, National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) has designed the Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional (CAIP) Certification, aiming at giving the participants a platform to learn Artificial Intelligence first hand and explore applications and cases of AI along with better understanding of AI concepts and terms with expert advice exposing them to real life application of AI in different areas underlining the issues in the form of case studies preparing them to learn and grow in the field of AI.

Prof Dr Yasar Ayaz

Pride of Performance
CPD/Chairman NCAI

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