National Centre of Artificial Intelligence

National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) is the latest technological initiative of the Government of Pakistan under its Vision 2025. The Centre is designed to become the leading hub of innovation, scientific research, knowledge transfer to the local economy, and trainingin the area of Artificial Intelligence and its closely affiliated fields under the umbrella of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan,Encouraging youth to take up research and education in the fields relating to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, he mentioned how the federal government’s laptop scheme has changed the knowledge landscape in Pakistan and brought Pakistan to one of the leading countries in the world in terms of Information Technologies-based entrepreneurship.

3d rendering mini robot finger point on white background


To become a leading hub of innovation and scientific research in Artificial Intelligence and play a defining role in Pakistan’s economy. 


To facilitate researchers in the field of scientific research and AI and help them establish and grow Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry while following international trends and seek solutions 


  • To build national capacity to carry out R&D in the emerging field of AI by solving at least a small number of ‘hard’ AI problems, identified and mutually agreed by a scientific committee comprising local and international experts
  •  To solve local problems using AI and take solutions to market through technology commercialisation and licensing
  • To provide high-value shared services to academia and industrial partners
  • To develop an advanced workforce in AI and Data Science through training and applied work