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Intelligent robotics is widely believed to spearhead the upcoming technological revolution where robots  and intelligent machines will become an integral part of everyday human life. Ranging from area specific domains such as industrial automation, manufacturing, entertainment, defense and surgical robotics to machines that operate in common everyday human households, robots can already be seen assisting humans in virtually every aspect of their lives. Not only do they help reduce human effort but also, at the same time, improve the precision and accuracy with which these tasks are accomplished. It is for these reasons that modern day researchers, industrialists, investors and analysts are all unequivocally predicting robotics as the next big thing and one of the very central domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for this new era.

Research Areas

ariel Navigation & Mobility

» AI-based motion planning framework

» Motion planning and control of drones

» Autonomous operation in both structured and unstructured environments

» Ability to handle both static and dynamic obstacles

Ground Navigation & Mobility

» Real time motion planning framework for robots

» Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for inventory management

» Humanoid robot for interaction with clients

Precision Agriculture

» Cloud-based Analytics Platform

» Pest Detection, Weed Detection, Crop-Yield Estimation

» AI-based Framework to Reduce Resource Utilisation & Increase Production

» Computer-vision-based Food Grading for Automatic Quality Assurance of Agricultural Produce

Video Analytics



This project involves the automatic navigation of a robot as it uses SLAM algorithm to explore an unknown, cluttered environment while avoiding obstacles. 


This project involves the execution of advanced analytics on real time data from physical facilities to generate business insights and to make more effective decisions. The solution offers people counting, customer behavior insights and zone focused analytics. During COVID crisis, it can also be used to determine the state of SOPs compliance (social distancing and masks) in the vicinity. This tool can be used for assessing the effectiveness of a store layout, generating staffing recommendations and for checking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This is being done in collaboration with our industrial partner, First City Pakistan


This project involves the deployment of multiple UGV/UAV robots working in coordination to explore an unknown, cluttered environment in order to help with disaster control and management. 

 Media Analytics 

This is a solution for automatic monitoring of content on television channels. Artificial intelligence is used to do face identification, text recognition/ semantic analysis and speech recognition. It can determine analytics like for how long a particular face appeared on a particular channel and how much airtime was given to a particular brand’s advertisement on different channels throughout the day etc. 

Our Team

Dr. Hasan Sajid

Principal Investigator

Dr.Muhammad Jawad Khan

Co Principal Investigator

Dr. Umar Ansari

Co Principal Investigator

Ms. Hafsa Asad

Team Lead

Ms. Kashbah Kiayani

Research Associates

Mr. Saifullah

Research Associates

Mr.Asjid Tanveer

Research Associates

Mr. Aleem Siddiqui

Research Assistant

Mr. Ghufran Ullah

Research Assistant

Mr. Hamza Shahid

Research Assistant

Mr.Asif Ali

Research Assistant

Mr. Awais

Research Assistant