MS & PhD Program In Artificial Intelligence
(Designed by NCAI)


The National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) has top-notch AI scientists/researchers/students
selected by Higher Education Commission (HEC) on competitive grounds. Under the umbrella of NCAI
and partner universities, the program is proposed and designed by the NCAI. Public/private Universities
may use this curriculum as a guide to design their own courses, by acknowledging NCAI and may also
provide us with their valuable feedback/suggestion regarding the curriculum. The National Center of
Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), the latest technological initiative of the Government of Pakistan under the
has taken the lead by starting MS & Ph.D. Program in Artificial Intelligence to offer
specializations in different aspects of AI at the graduate level to help establish and grow the AI industry
in Pakistan. 

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Have a strong competence in Artificial Intelligence resulting in successful careers.
PEO2: Pursuing research and innovation and be able to provide modern solutions to technical problems.
PEO3: To apply as well as create Artificial Intelligence based knowledge at par with the developments at
both national and international level.


The proposed curriculum is unified for all NCAI partner universities. For the sake of uniformity and ease
of transfer of courses, a national course code has also been defined for each course. This will be treated as
a reference for course compatibility between NCAI partner institutions.

Core Courses

MS Elective Courses




Data Analytics/Big Data

AI Support Systems

In addition to MS course following additional courses are also available for PhD

PhD Courses

For more details of course content click: NCAI AI Curriculum