Starting Of MS & PhD Program In Artificial Intelligence​ Sponsored by NCAI


We are now at the cusp of fourth industrial revolution and AI is spearheading all this debate. According to Forbes, AI will create 58 million new jobs by 2022 and is one of the fastest growing skills on LinkedIn and its global demand increased 190% from 2015-17. The National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), the latest technological initiative of Government of Pakistan under the Vision 2025 plan, has taken the lead by starting MS & PhD Program in Artificial Intelligence at its principal seat and headquarters, NUST Islamabad to offer specializations in different aspects of AI at the grad level and establish and grow AI industry in Pakistan.

Program Introduction

The program would interest students working in diverse areas such as medical image processing,
robotics, and smart city etc. The coursework will cover both the depth and the breadth of the core
areas. Students will have the liberty to specialize in any of the areas in which research is being
carried out under NCAI and they will also have the freedom to choose courses offered at
different center labs at six different universities. It will provide specialization in the broader
areas of deep learning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing. It will also
provide grounding in basic mathematics and statistics behind AI based systems.

Eligibility / Admission Criteria

MS: In addition to the eligibility criteria prescribed by NUST for MS program, a candidate must possess a Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences, Computational Sciences and Engineering, Geoinformatics / Engineering (Mechatronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Avionics or Computer / Software) or a relevant / equivalent degree from a PEC/HEC recognized institution of Pakistan or abroad.

PhD: In addition to the eligibility criteria prescribed by NUST for PhD program, a candidate must possess a Master’s in Computer Sciences or Engineering or a relevant / equivalent degree from a PEC/HEC recognized institution of Pakistan or abroad.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Have a strong competence in Artificial Intelligence resulting in successful careers.
PEO2: Pursuing research and innovation and be able to provide modern solutions to technical problems.
PEO3: To apply as well as create Artificial Intelligence based knowledge at par with the developments at both national and international level.

For more information and details visit: MS & PhD Program

Core Courses

National Course codeCodeCourse NameC H
AI 801CSE 860Artificial Intelligence(3)
AI 802RIME 832Machine Learning(3)
AI 803MTH 803Mathematical Methods for Artificial Intelligence(3)

MS Elective Courses

National course CodeCodeCourseCHs
AI 811RIME 833Deep Learning(3)
AI 812AI 812Probabilistic Graphical Models(3)
AI 813CS 891Multi-agent Systems(3)
AI 814AI 814Knowledge Representation and Reasoning(3)
AI 815AV 804Neural Networks(3)
AI 818RIME 836Probabilistic Robotics(3)
AI 821EC 803Computer Vision(3)
AI 822CS 862Advanced Image Processing(3)
AI 823EE 932Speech Processing(3)
AI 824EM 840Data Acquisition and Control(3)
AI 825RIME 843Sensors and Sensing(3)
AI 826RIME 835Human Robot Interaction(3)
AI 827RIME 837Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(3)
AI 828CS 893Advanced Computer Vision(3)
AI 831AI 831Intelligent Systems(3)
AI 832AI 832Reinforcement Learning(3)
AI 834RIME 813Robotic Grasping and Fixturing(3)
AI 835RIME 814Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics(3)
AI 836RIME 817BioRobotics(3)
AI 841CS 822Data Mining(3)
AI 842CS 825Information Retrieval(3)
AI 843CS 875Natural Language Processing(3)
AI 844CS 873Semantic Web(3)
AI 851AI 851Advanced Signal Processing(3)
AI 852EM 890Modelling and Simulation(3)
AI 853AI 853Advanced Programming in Python(3)
AI 854AI 854Data Analysis and Visualization(3)
AI 855AI 855Cyber Security(3)
AI 845IT 863Internet of Things(3)
AI 828AI 828Complex Adaptive Systems(3)
AI 819AI 819Text Analytics(3)
AI 846AI 846Computational Creativity(3)
AI 837AI 837Intelligent Transportation Systems(3)
AI 829AI 829Social Simulations(3)
AI 838AI 838Serious Games(3)
AI 856AI 856Ethical Machines(3)

PhD Courses

National course CodeCodeCourseCHs
AI 916RIME 942Pattern Recognition(3)
AI 917AI 917Evolutionary Algorithms(3)
AI 928CS 893Advanced Computer Vision(3)
AI 933RIME 914Robot Motion Planning(3)
AI 945AI 945Advanced Big Data Analytics(3)
AI 946CS 822Data Mining(3)
AI 956RIME 933Advanced Artificial Intelligence(3)
AI 957AI 957Advanced Signal Processing(3)
AI 958EM 890Modelling and Simulation(3)