NCAI 2020


The First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence(ICAI’2021) by National Centre of Artificial Intelligence(NCAI) will bring together an interntional community of experts ,academics and scientists to discuss the state of-the-art,new research results,prespective of future developments,and innovative applications relevant to Artificial Intelligence and related technologies. 

ICAI 2021 conference invites submissions of high-quality research papers describing original work on the following domains, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Autonomous Systems, Assistive Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Convolutional Neural Networks, Cybersecurity and AI, Data Fusion, Data Mining and Information Retrieval, Decision Support Systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Cybersecurity, Deep Learning and Forensics, Deep Learning and Real Time Systems, Deep Learning and Social Networks and Biologically inspired neural network

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Conference domains

  • Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Assistive Robotics
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Cybersecurity and AI
  • Data Fusion
  • Data Mining and Information Retrieval
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics
  • Deep Learning and Cybersecurity
  • Deep Learning and Forensics
  • Deep Learning and Real Time Systems
  • Deep Learning and Social Networks
  • Biologically inspired neural network