"Lets Think About The Future"


Think Future is a strategic vision of MoST to focus national attention on 7 key technology areas to advance research, and develop the infrastructure necessary to support technology-driven economic development of Pakistan. The aim is to prepare a new generation of decision-makers to address the challenges and opportunities of below key emerging technologies.

3-D Printing

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Block Chain

Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent Vehicles

Smart Robotics


  • Deliver specialized education and training in the 21st century to produce skilled human resource.
  • Provide funding resources through research grants to industries and HEIs .
  • Create an environment that fosters technology and technology-driven enterprise development.
  • Support commercialization of 7 key technologies by research institutions, entrepreneurs and industry researchers.
  • Facilitate interactions among businesses, universities, community organizations, and public agencies dedicated to scaling up targeted industries.
  • Explore the policy implications of emerging technologies across a broad scope of areas

Think Future Portal

A survey form for industries existing in the Think-Future areas has been created

Experts of Focus Areas

Prof. Dr. Yasar Ayaz


Dr. Usman Qamar


Aamir Mukhtar


  • Dr. Usman Qamar (NUST)
  • Mr. Shuja-ul-Islam (NIE)
  • Dr. Masood Islam (CUI)
  • Dr. Shakil Muhammad (RNS Solutions)
  • Dr. Yassar Ayaz (NUST)
  • Mr. Ali Nisar (NIE)
  • Mr. Hamza Muneer (M/S Zambeel Mechanical Crafts)
  • Dr. Waqar Shahid Qureshi (NUST)
  • Mr. Ali Nisar (NIE)
  • Mr. Hamza Muneer (M/S Zambeel Mechanical Crafts)
  • Dr. Seemab Latif (NUST)
  • Mr. Zeeshan Ellahi (NIE)
  • Ms Wajiha Habib (Cygnus Creative Software)
  • Dr. Usman Qamar (NUST)
  • Mr. Shuja-ul-Islam (NIE)
  • Dr. Munam Ali Shah (CUI)
  • Mr. Aqeel Khan (SC Tech Global)
  • Dr. Umar Shahbaz Khan (NUST)
  • Mr. Abdul Hadi (NIE)
  • Dr. Faisal Riaz (Tech Dte Selftech)
  • Dr. Umar Shahbaz Khan (NUST)
  • Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Chugtai (NIE)
  • Mr. Faisal Leghari (Learnobots)

2nd Consultative meeting of Experts of 7 Technologies from various industries and academia was held on Oct 22, 2020

RIC, NUST Islamabad

Virtual Conference

Our society is undergoing numerous technological changes. In just a couple of decades, it will be quite different from what it is today. One significant factor that impacts and transforms various aspects of everyday life is the rapid expansion of the artificial intelligence and robotics industry.

Scientists, industry experts and ordinary people all express various viewpoints about the potential outcomes of the active AI and robotics development. We believe that smart technologies have inexhaustible power and vast benefits.

Keeping in view to this the Ministry of Science & Technology has notified an expert/focus group on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Technology. The Chairman of the focus group is Dr. Yasar Ayaz, Center Project Director, National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI), NCAI HQ, NUST, Islamabad. The focus in carried out virtual conference on the subject to identify the major areas in which the applications of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Technology may be benefited.

Let’s take a look at the influence of robotics and artificial intelligence on our lives from various perspectives.


Name Topic
Dr. Sajid Baloch Covid-19 Rapid Artificial Intelligence detection
Dr. Umar Shahbaz Khan National Centre of Robotics and automation an overview
Dr. Usman Qayyum Artificial Intelligence on the edge
Dr. Yasir Ayaz Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technology for industry
Dr. Muhamad Khurram
Dr. Ahmed R. Shahid
Jabir Abbas Shah
Mr. Ali Nisar Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technology for effective Production