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National Centre of Artificial Intelligence

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NCAI is the National Hub of AI Excellence, where innovation, research, product development, commercialization, policy, awareness, international linkages, startup development, and skill enhancement through extensive training modules converge.

Headquartered at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, NCAI operates research laboratories in six major universities spread across Pakistan. NCAI has developed 221 AI products and designs, benefiting sectors such as smart cities, precision agriculture, healthcare, media monitoring, manufacturing industry, judiciary and many more.


Offering training for AI professionals, expanding the digital exports, and raising AI awareness, NCAI contributes to Pakistan’s growth.


NCAI’s strategic collaborations revolutionize agriculture, optimize industries, and develop AI models for climate and disaster management. Nurturing an innovation ecosystem with products and professional trainings, NCAI is now serving various sectors nationally and internationally.


Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, NCAI aims to establish Pakistan as a global AI leader, promoting sustainable growth.

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"NCAI specializes in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to transform businesses in healthcare, media, judiciary, security and beyond."

Discover the remarkable achievements of the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) as we revolutionize industries with cutting-edge AI solutions. From transformative projects to industry accolades, explore our journey of innovation and impact.

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