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NCAI's Pioneering Policy Contributions

Shaping the Future of AI Governance

The National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) has made significant and diverse policy contributions across various organizations, spanning government bodies, research institutions, and international agencies. These contributions demonstrate NCAI’s commitment to shaping ethical and regulatory frameworks for artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies.


NCAI has actively engaged in consultations, recommendations, and policy development initiatives with organizations such as UNESCO and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). These efforts encompass a wide spectrum of areas, from ethics and governance in AI to AI’s role in industry, research agendas, international cooperation, and utilization plans for emerging technologies.


NCAI’s contributions underscore its pivotal role in facilitating the responsible and strategic integration of AI into various sectors, fostering innovation, and ensuring ethical considerations are at the forefront of policy formulation. These contributions have a far-reaching impact on shaping the future of AI and its governance, both nationally and internationally.

Input/Recommendations on Preliminary Study on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for UNESCO

Policy Consultation with COMSTECH on Al Ethics and Regulatory Aspects

Think Future 

(7 Technologies) Implementation Plan, MoST

Utilization Plan of Robotics and Al in Industry MoST

Framework for the Growth and Development in Punjab through Al and its related Technologies

STI Policy. Focusing on Al and Emerging Technologies, MoST

Policy input on Emerging Technologies for National Research Agenda (NRA)

Space Vision Reforms 2040, MOST

Emerging Technologies – Vision 2050 Development Plan for MoST

National Emerging
Technologies Governance Framework (NETGF), MoST

Comments/Recommendations on Growing Indo-US Cooperation in AI – MoST

Al & Robotics Utilization Plan – MoST

Growth and Development of Punjab through Al Technology – Governor Punjab

Master Plan for Animation, HEC

Concept Note Singular Priority Area S&T Cooperation with Saudi Arabia, MoST

Layout of Development Activities at National and International level Def R&D, NUST

Role of academia in Al Governance Framework- Def R&D, NUST

ToRs for Al and Al taskforce Governance Framework- Def R&D, NUST

Articulation, Vision and Guiding Principles for using Al in a Lawful Manner-Def R&D, NUST