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1. Deep Learning Lab


iLabel provides the data annotation services to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies and tech sector working in the domain of machine learning and AI. iLabel leverages the customized AI tools and algorithms to facilitate the annotation process.

AI Lounge

AI Lounge provides trainings in the field of AI and related technologies. AI lounge’s mission is to create future AI Leaders in Pakistan and to bridge the gap between industry and academia by polishing the skills of AI workforce.


Medium.AI is 24/7 live monitoring/ surveillance system of selected channels that provides audio-keyword detection, Text detection and recognition Person detection and recognition Alert Generation and is User friendly. 

2. Intelligent Field Robotics Lab


Pixonomy aims to provide valuable analytics as a service to Retail and Manufacturing industry by integrating AI & machine learning with the existing surveillance system to predict and understand consumer patterns and behavior to enhance efficiency, quality, user experience and profit i.e. Customer traffic prediction, best and worst performing zones etc.

3. Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Lab

AI Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diagnostics Tool built by AI experts at Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Lab (MIDL). The main theme of this startup Tashkhees is, to assist the radiologist and pathologist in disease diagnostics from medical images such as MRI, Mammogram, and Histopathology slides.

4. Intelligent Information Processing Lab


ThalaScreen is developing an Hb-electrophoresis device to help healthcare professionals efficiently & accurately screen for thalassemia with an automated and decision support-enabled smart diagnostic system. The solution consists of a testing device, smartphone App and a web portal.

5. Intelligent System Designs Lab

Intelligent System Design

Intelligent System Design is a startup established by NCAI UET Peshawar to promote commercialization and active marketing of projects developed by NCAI UETP. This startup is targetting the departments and industries working on thematic areas to equip their system with innovative solutions that help them to enhance their service quality and provide secure living covering wholistic surveillance of society. It is expected that this startup will grab majority attraction with active marketing and strategic outreach, generating revenue.

6. Agent Based Computational

Integrated Development Environment for Vehicular Traffic Simulation (IDE-VTS)

There are many and open-source software vehicular traffic simulators which do not provide easy user interfaces. Therefore, to eliminate learning curve of simulator use and let domain experts focus on their core expertise, they want to provide GUI based simulator to model and simulate vehicular traffic.

6. Agent Based Computational

Seventh Reality

Seventh Reality is an advanced organization that has laid strong foundations in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Video Graphics, and other IT solutions and services. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals give their world-class performance by working round the clock to make the future worth living for.

8. Smart City Lab

Reverse Vending

Machine for Collecting Pet Bottle

The idea of the RVM is a part of public service awareness for the benefit of society to collect plastic bottles with a reward feature. Our goal is to recycle plastic bottles with the image processing technique. All the depositors assigned with a unique ID can claim their reward after entering a certain amount of bottles into the RVM. The startup keeps track of the user details. Once the machine ends up filling all the waste material at a particular location, a notification informs the authority via messaging through the application.

9. Neurocomputation Lab


Pakistan is among the world’s top quality rice exporters. Yet, Pakistani rice exports depends on human-labor to analyze its quality. This process takes hours, has no guarantee of mistakes, and less production. Thus, reducing the export profit of the country. NCAI Smart city lab solves this problem by “Rice Quality Analyzer”. By using this startup, exporters can place the rice grains on the device to get fast and accurate results.